When epistemic communities fail: health technology assessment in CEE

October 28, 2015 - 17:30 - 19:05
Nador u. 11
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Olga Loblova
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Olga Loblova
Corvinus University, Health Economics Department
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Olga Loblova

CEU – Corvinus Joint Health Policy Seminar Series

The Health Research Group,  

the Center for Policy Studies


the Department of Health Economics, Corvinus University


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When epistemic communities fail: health technology assessment in CEE


Olga Löblová

CEU (Public Policy)



October 28, Wednesday, 5:30 pm - 7 pm

Room 004, Nádor 11 Building

In Western Europe, most countries have health technology assessment (HTA) agencies that help inform decision-making on which health interventions should be reimbursed from public budgets. In Central and Eastern Europe, however, HTA agencies are far less common. I suggest the reason behind establishment of HTA agencies, West and East, is the influence of epistemic communities - groups of experts united in their professional perspectives and policy goals. By comparing Poland (a country which has an HTA agency) and the Czech Republic (a country which does not, and which has limited plans to establish one), we can tease out the causal mechanism of epistemic communities’ influence on policy-making. The crucial scope condition for their influence is policy-makers’ demand – which can, however, be satisfied by alternative policies. I will tentatively explore alternatives to HTA (ad hoc decision-making, ministerial committees, voluntary agreements etc.), and the interests associated with them.



For more information, and a copy of the paper, please contact loblova_olga@phd.ceu.edu.