Health Politics in Hungary and Romania

December 2, 2014 - 17:30 - 19:00
Nador u. 11
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Alexandru Moise
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Olga Loblova
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Center for Policy Studies (CPS)
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Olga Loblova
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Health Politics in Hungary and Romania


Alexandru Moise, CEU (PolSci)

Corvinus University of Budapest, Maastricht University



December 2, Tuesday, 5:30 pm - 7 pm

TIGY Room, Nádor 11 Building


More than 24 years after transition, the health care systems of Romania and Hungary are far from stable. Recurring budget crises and the continuing conflict between policy makers, health care workers and citizens, has resulted in a high degree of policy instability and even reversal in both Hungary and Romania.


Despite starting from similar legacies and challenges, the two countries had very different timelines in adopting reforms. Moreover, while they both initially set out to build social insurance models, reforms in Romania are increasingly targeting privatization policies while Hungary experienced policy reversal, when the state retook control of hospitals.


These puzzles are answered by looking at the success of policy proposals. Political (in)stability and the presence of physicians in the decision-making process appear to be the two most important factors in explaining the timing and direction of reforms.



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