About us

About us


The creation of a public health research group at CEU is meant to encourage the development of an inter-disciplinary community of faculty and students with interests in human public health research:

- That can meet collegially and discuss research either planned or underway;

- That can promote greater understanding of public health as a research theme;

- That can identify opportunities for collaboration and cooperation between disciplines, scholars and students; and,

- That can foster an international perspective on public health issues.


Public health research has enormous breadth and scope. The research group will be interested in the full continuum of possible public health research topics.


Attendance at Meetings

The meetings will be open.

Any CEU scholar or student can attend meetings of the research group or present on a public health topic. Any non-CEU scholar with an interest in a public health topic under discussion at a meeting or public health NGO representative can attend a research group meeting if the topic is of interest. Non-CEU scholars or NGO staff who wish to present a public health topic of interest can be invited to do so.

Meetings will be publicized to interested parties outside the immediate CEU community. Involvement of colleagues from other universities, the Open Society Institute, and NGO’s with interests in public health issues.


Proximate Areas of General Research Interest

Given the reality of CEU’s scholarly base and the need to attract presenters and interest from that base, the following themes will be pursued in a flexible manner:

- research on the determinants of health;

- research on health economics;

- research on health inequities and inequality;

- research on public health ethics;

- the history of public health;

- human rights and public health;

- health of vulnerable populations.